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Songota has been a dream come true for us...  We are the parents of an autistic young man.

In 2001 we found out that our son, who was just a year and a half, had autism.  Our world turned upside down... We could not understand why this was happening to our family.  It was a very sad and confusing situation that only those who have also experienced can really understand.

It was a very difficult time... we really didn’t know what to do or how to start to deal with this heart-breaking situation.  The only thing I really remember about that day was talking to myself, saying, “I don’t know what the future holds for our son, but we are glad we have him and will do all we can to help him... he will have the best treatment and care he can possibly have, and he will have a good life.”

We started doing an exhaustive research into all the experiments, established treatments and therapy that were available, to a point where he was spending 40 hours a week in ABA therapy.

I confess that some of them worked and some not.  In 2016 we heard about CBD oil and all of its benefits and decided to let our son try it... but before that we wanted to find the best one.  Once again our research began, and we found the perfect one.

We are so happy and very thankful with the results of these organic CBD oils that I decided to create our own brand and name it in honor of our son, sharing it with everyone.

It is with gratitude that we are able to present Songota CBD Oil to you... Songota Oil is not only amazing for our son and other autistic children... it can help so many people!

Our journey has been long and hard, but also a journey of victory.  Today our son is 21 years old, and he has improved so much through the years.  He no longer takes any prescription medicine, and I truly believe CBD has played a tremendous part in his overall improvement and quality of life!

Should you have any issues that you believe our CBD Oil will help, do try it! Be part of the many people that are feeling and getting better more and more each day!

I am Maria Charania, and I would love for you to try one of our Songota CBD Oils and also share with us the amazing changes you will experience!